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The Beauty of Indian Punjabi Wedding Songs(GAUN)

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  1. Latthey di chadar uttey saleti rang mahiyaa

Aavo saamne, kolon di rus ke na laang maahiya.

This song will remind you of Kangana Ranaut’s blockbuster movie QUEEN. The marriage season is around and people might be looking for the best songs lyrics and music composition will make you dance instantly. That’s the beauty of Indian Punjabi Wedding Songs


Oh! Lover, you are wearing a shawl made of white cotton (lattha) dyed in grey. I know you are avoiding me, don’t be angry, come and sit next to me.  This translation doesn’t make sense until you listen to the rest of the song.

Food, fun and a whole lot of dancing are the significant features and the beauty of Indian Punjabi wedding songs. Undeniable parts of Punjab’s vibrant culture, these things are definitely what comes to mind when we think of a Punjabi wedding. On top of that, some shimmering, colourful outfits, extravagant décor and an open bar for an ultimate big fat wedding.https://www.weddingwire.in/wedding-tips/punjabi-wedding–c1038

When it comes to marriage the Punjabi’s have an endless list of songs and music for the different occasions in marriage. Folk music is the basis of music from any region and genre. Punjabi folk music has several dances and music associated with the different stages of a wedding. A few days before marriage, women get together daily at night and sing to the accompaniment of the dholaki (GAUN).

 So basically GAUN held at both houses is a much-awaited event. Songs sung at this event are hilarious and direct attack at respective in-laws.

Haldi masale walli kesse pissegi…Esse pisse, esse pisse, esse pissegi..

Saasu bulaye sonal (bride’s name) kesse aayegi..

esse esse aaye esse aaye esse aayegi…

Although sung in Hindi, this song is full of wit and humour. The bride’s NAKHRA and attitude are showcased through dance with each member of her would-be family. One of the wittiest songs in this event which is so dear to me is completely out of the box.

Maye ni maye mainu maardaa…

Kediyaan gallan to tainu maardaa..

A lady acts as if she has been beaten by her husband and crying bitterly. Another lady enacts her friend asking her why her husband has beaten her.

In reply, she explains that how she had messed-up various instructions given by her husband..

For example 

Her husband showed interest in eating tiny eggplants, she hunted mice and fried them because she could not find eggplants in the market.

Kala sha kaala, mera kala hai sardar goreyaan nu duffa karo, mai aap tilley di taar goreyaan nu duffa karo.

This melodious Punjabi folk track is the soul of GAUN (sangeet night before the wedding day). This song celebrates the dark-skinned groom and shuns the fair-skinned ones. They say that the dark-skinned people have golden hearts, while fair-skinned have dark hearts. This song from our bygone era should be an eye-opener for everyone. The rest of the song lyrics are so comically composed in which the bride is telling her mother-in-law that all her sons are worthless only my husband is the best. Most of the songs leg-pull ingredients of inlaws in a humorous way.

The songs sung at the bridegroom’s house are called ghorian and those at the bride’s house suhag. What the mother, sisters and sisters-in-law look forward to at the marriage of a boy of the family is all expressed vividly in ghorian

Matthey te chamkan waal mere banre de.

Our groom’s forehead is looking beautiful with his shining hair. This is the most famous Ghori song sung by the groom’s relatives

Songs are sung at the departure of the Doli. This is the time of separation. The girl has a heavy heart since she has to bid farewell to her parents and parental home; at the same time, there is a subdued thrill at the prospect of her going to her husband’s house. The Doli songs are very touching.https://brainiaac.com/emotional-story-of-unconditional-love/

wedding doli time


haye O! Mere daadeya rabba kinna jammiyaan kinna ne ley jaaniyaan, haye!

In this song, the bride musically wails and wonders about the irony of her life. The sentiments of the young girl for her father and her maternal home is expressed most beautifully. She was born to someone and taken away by another just because she was raised to marry only.

When the marriage party arrives at the bride’s house, songs are sung, which are doggerel so full of wit and sarcasm. Sometimes women find them a handy medium to point out the weak points of the bridegroom’s party or any particular member of it. These songs are packed with pungent wit but are accepted in good humour.

The bride has a song for her parents asking them to find her better in-laws and home. The songs are of different lengths and depending on the length of the songs there are descriptions of bride, groom, marriage, family and many more. When the girl goes to the house of her in-laws, the mother-in-law performs certain ceremonies. Songs are sung on this occasion too.

Paani waar banne diye maaye banaa banni bahar khade

Sukhaan sukhdi nu eh din aaye banna banni bahar khade

In this ceremony, Groom’s mother is getting overwhelmed with joy and performing a ritual with a small container of water in her hand and singing this song. 

Oh! Mother of groom bless the newlywed with a water ritual, they are standing outside the house

With the grace of God, this auspicious has come, they are standing outside the house.

Punjabi’s have music for birth, birthday celebration, marriage, and death. The folk music from Punjab has the music for every moment of life from happiness to sorrow. Punjabi folk music can be taken as a mirror into the Punjabi traditions, lifestyle and history. The music depicts the hardworking nature of the Punjabi men and their bravery on the battlefield. Like every other folk music tradition, Punjabi folk music has the same reputation of presenting its rich culture, history, celebration, and much more

These songs are chastened and polished from generation to generation. There is hardly an event or occasion in the countryside that does not find resonance in the people’s souls


I was a GIDDA coach in the college. It is a type of dance wherein women dance mainly on festive or social occasions. The dance is accompanied by a rhythmic clapping, with a typical traditional folk song performed by elder women in the background. So Indian Punjabi wedding songs is in my blood. The moment some Punjabi music enters my ears, an adrenaline rush runs into my body. i was the biggest participant when it comes to any wedding in my neighbourhood. Gaun ceremony used to be the most awaited function in a wedding. Traditionally arranged by the bride’s family, it was the Indian equivalent of a hen party where the ladies of the family got together and sang folk songs, danced and teased the bride. Today, it is a full-blown musical night involving both families and includes everything from choreographed performances to event hosts, and sometimes even hired artists. Being a Punjabi folk music enthusiast this new concept of Indian Punjabi Wedding really makes me sad. An upcoming marriage in my family made me write this blog.

While all north Indian Hindu weddings share somewhat the same common rituals, there are some quintessentially Punjabi moments that you absolutely cannot miss at the wedding.


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